TV Review: Mr. Robinson squanders its star in nearly every conceivable way

Craig Robinson is long overdue for a dedicated star vehicle. Unfortunately, Mr. Robinson wastes him almost completely. From its title to the fact that each episode allows Robinson to play one or more of his signature silly-sexy R&B songs, the show is clearly designed as a showcase for the multitalented performer—even as it undermines his comedic strengths at every turn.

The unaired pilot was executive-produced by Robinson’s erstwhile boss at The Office, Greg Daniels (and created by Office writer-producer Owen Ellickson). But this six-episode first (and surely only) season is under the care of showrunner brothers Mark and Robb Cullen, the co-authors of the universally disregarded Kevin Smith-Tracy Morgan-Bruce Willis buddy cop comedy Cop Out. The Cullens torpedo Robinson’s showcase by saddling him with a dull straight man role in a generic sitcom cobbled together from every school-set comedy imaginable.

Robinson plays, well, Craig Robinson, a struggling …

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