TV Review: Mozart In The Jungle plays some passionate new notes in its confident second season

One of the benefits of living in this day and age of myriad scripted entertainment, or “Peak TV” if you want to be trendy, is that it allows for more niche ideas to gain a foothold in the television landscape. Writers don’t necessarily have to write a show that has a broad appeal; they can limit their scope according to the specificity of their premise without worrying about adopting a narrow approach. Streaming platforms especially have gained success by placing their faith behind shows that would have never made it onto television for a variety of practical and biased reasons, like Orange Is The New Black, Transparent, and Sense8. It’s this type of media environment that enables the existence of Amazon’s Mozart In The Jungle, a series that explores the behind-the-scenes action at the New York symphony orchestra, treating the classical music world like its own version …

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