TV Review: Marcella could be your next Brit mystery obsession

Marcella opens up with a woman in a dingy bathtub. She’s bruised and confused, a big gash runs down the side of her forehead. She doesn’t seem to know what happened anymore than we do. The woman in the tub is the title character, and as her story progresses, that bathtub flashback becomes even more ambiguous: Is Marcella the victim of a crime or the perpetrator of one?

Hans Rosenfeldt knows his way around an inscrutable female lead. He’s the brains behind Saga Norén, the possibly Aspbergian detective of The Bridge, who would become Sonya Cross in FX’s version and Elise Wassermann in the BBC version. For fans of The Bridge, many of Marcella‘s elements will feel familiar: a central figure with complicated relationships with the people around her due to an undiagnosed condition, people dying in gruesome but meticulous ways, a mystery that expands …

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