TV Review: Legion tells a human story without giving up its superpowers

Netflix has been methodically filling out its corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe—namely, Hell’s Kitchen, where Daredevil is bound to meet Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. That team-up was all but preordained, and not just because of the comic book sources. Drew Goddard and his fellow showrunners have to keep up with their big screen counterparts, who are always finding a way to bring together (or drive a wedge between) the Avengers. That interconnectedness often delights the viewer, but laying the groundwork for another story sometimes comes at a cost to the one currently unfolding.

So it’s no wonder that for his take on superheroes—or rather, an “un-superhero” superhero show—Noah Hawley would avoid that obligation to build the world of Legion. Beyond the acknowledgment that the series ties into the X-Men films, this sci-fi drama/psychological thriller is mostly untethered to other properties …

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