TV Review: Jim Henson’s Thanksgiving leftovers are reheated in Turkey Hollow

Thanksgiving is America’s great television holiday, a harvest feast with parade telecasts for an appetizer, presentations of the National Football League as a main course (plus second helpings), and a dessert of some crowd-pleasing blockbuster film or another. In the realm of episodic television, Thanksgiving brings a Cheers food fight and overcommitted Gilmore Girls, “The One Where Underdog Gets Away” and the one where Dr. Bob Hartley gets hammered. Unlike Halloween, Christmas, or roasting a turkey to perfection, TV usually gets Thanksgiving just right.

TV specials are where the holiday falls short of its fellow fourth-quarter celebrations. Christmas is when Charlie Brown experiences good will toward men and Halloween is when he gets to go to a real party; Thanksgiving is when Chuck and company inexplicably banish Franklin to the opposite side of the dinner table. The traditions and family dynamics that lend themselves to Thanksgiving installments of ongoing …

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