TV Review: Jay Baruchel looks for love in the uneven but often inspired Man Seeking Woman

Jay Baruchel has a comic energy that’s very different than the other young actors who came up through Judd Apatow’s farm system. As far back as his breakthrough role in Apatow’s sitcom Undeclared, Baruchel’s been the unassuming, polite-to-a-fault nebbish, surrounded by self-satisfied libertines. It’s doubtful that the new FXX show Man Seeking Woman would work as well as it does without Baruchel at its center, shrugging meekly.

As recently dumped Chicagoan Josh Greenberg, Baruchel spends each episode of Man Seeking Woman going on dates that range from the realistically awkward to the exaggeratedly bizarre. All the while, he maintains an old-fashioned romantic optimism that sets him apart from his Tinder-adept best friend Mike (played by Eric André), who goes out every night expecting to have adventurous sex with women he’ll never see again. Here’s the Josh/Mike dynamic in a nutshell: When Josh …

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