TV Review: It’s always far from sunny on Those Who Can’t

Those Who Can’t finds all kinds of things interesting—penis drawings, faux socialism, lacrosse, nut jokes, colostomy bags, rock candy, teachers unions, political campaigns, Zen gardens, novelty flasks, and problems with rage, to name a few—but the one thing it’s absolutely not interested in is exactly what makes it work: warm, fuzzy feelings. The setting may be a high school (Reed Smoot High School, to be precise, a name that simply begs to be looked up on Urban Dictionary), but don’t expect even an ounce of Glee. There’s no inspiration to be found, and while there are certainly dangerous minds, they’re also rather empty, and they belong to the teachers.

Created by stars Adam Cayton-Holland, Andrew Orvedahl, and Benjamin Roy (of comedy troupe The Grawlix which, like the show, is based in Denver), Those Who Can’t is populated almost entirely by teachers who …

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