TV Review: Imaginary Mary should’ve stayed theoretical

There’s a better TV show to be made from the basics of Imaginary Mary, in which a grown woman has her life commented upon and meddled with by a nonhuman companion. Unfortunately, ABC has slotted that show—Downward Dog, starring Allison Tolman as a woman whose dissatisfaction with work and romance are articulated in part by her wise-cracking canine—for later this spring. The pole position in the network’s race for the next big gimmick sitcom (and the plush premiere spot between new episodes of The Goldbergs and Modern Family) has instead gone to a Drop Dead Fred clone in which PR professional Alice (Jenna Elfman) is unexpectedly reunited with the fluffy figment (voiced by Rachel Dratch) who she dreamed up as a way of coping with her parents’ crumbling marriage. The opening scenes of the pilot show Mary hanging around until the moment Alice loses her virginity …

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