TV Review: HBO’s filmmaking docu-series Project Greenlight returns revitalized

HBO has gone to no trouble to conceal the identity of the director tapped to lead its filmmaking docu-series Project Greenlight, now back for a fourth season after a decade-long hiatus. Common courtesy demands withholding that information, especially as Greenlight‘s season premiere finds executive producers Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and their production brain trust getting acquainted with the finalists and debating their respective merits. The winning director’s official reveal comes toward the end of the episode, but for anyone with a basic grasp of reality storytelling, the reveal will come the minute he sits down for his final interview. The conversation is so awkward, uneasy, and borderline combative, why wouldn’t they give him the job?

Affleck and Damon select the most ornery candidate as if to make a good-faith gesture to those wondering if Greenlight has changed significantly in its 10 years off the air. The show …

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