TV Review: Good Girls Revolt falls back on clunky ’60s clichés

In the pilot episode of Good Girls Revolt, Amazon’s tale of women working at a weekly magazine in the late 1960s, a man and a woman are talking about the big event they are covering. The boss man tells the cool cat heroine: “But doing drugs doesn’t necessarily mean you believe in peace and love.” She corrects him. “Yes it does,” she says. “I mean, did. It was supposed to. I guess Altamont changed that.” That ham-fisted, obvious way of discussing a pivotal moment in history should tell you all you need to know about the show. Though admirable in intention, it lacks subtlety and is predictable in almost every way.

Those characters making moon eyes at one another? They are going to get it on. The uptight lass with the pretentious parents? She’s headed for rebellion. Someone takes drugs for the first time? Disaster is headed …

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