TV Review: FX’s historic epic The Bastard Executioner has too much blood and too little guts

Kurt Sutter may lack restraint, in terms of both his storytelling and the Twitter invective he unleashes on those who don’t cotton to it, but he has no shortage of ambition. If Sutter’s new historical epic The Bastard Executioner is any indication, he wants to be known for more than his heavy, Shakespeare-lite biker gang show Sons Of Anarchy or his reputation as cable drama’s enfant terrible. He wants to take his place among the upper echelon of contemporary television dramatists, and he’ll have earned it if he manages to set Executioner apart from its genre peers. If nothing else, making a show that begs comparison to Game Of Thrones and Braveheart establishes Sutter as television’s ballsiest showrunner, even as Executioner proves he isn’t its best.

Executioner stars Lee Jones as the terrifically named Wilkin Brattle, a war-weary Welsh knight living, like the rest …

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