TV Review: Frequency’s time-hopping radio can’t cut through a staticky adaptation

The advantage of remaking a property like Frequency—the 2000 timeline twister in which Jim Caviezel interacts with ghost dad Dennis Quaid via super-powered ham radio—is the freedom of measured expectations. There are no diehard fans to pander to, no one so concerned about preserving their precious Frequency memories that they’d, say, throw a misogynistic tantrum about a woman playing the Jim Caviezel part. In a best-case scenario, The CW’s Frequency could only improve on the premise that drove Frequency to a No. 4 finish on Box Office Mojo’s ranking of top-grossing “Fire/Firefighter” films.

The disadvantage of remaking a property like Frequency: Practically no one remembers Frequency, a particularly rich drawback for a TV show where memory is involved.

(Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW)

Replacing Caviezel in the 2016 redux is Peyton List, late of Mad Men and As The World Turns—or, more relevant …

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