TV Review: F Is For Family works best when it uses the whole alphabet

In F Is For Family‘s terrific opening sequence, a cap-and-gown-wearing graduate leaps into the sky, flying toward the bright future ahead—only to be brought back down to earth by the inevitabilities of real life: a draft notice, marriage, and a slowing failing body. It’s a great visual set up for the series, establishing the life of not-so-quiet desperation that will run through the entire show, but it’s also a slyly misleading one. The young graduate launched into the stratosphere grows up to be Frank Murphy (Bill Burr), baggage handler and disgruntled patriarch of the Murphy family. The story of Frank‘s struggles with work and home life are a big part of each episode, but where the credits suggest a one-man-against-the-world scenario, F Is For Family turns out to be much smarter than that. Frank’s important, but nearly every member of the Murphy clan gets …

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