TV Review: Even if you liked True Blood’s monsters and dumbasses, don’t visit Midnight, Texas

There are shows, like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, or Battlestar Galactica, or more recently Game Of Thrones, that went a long way toward erasing the stigma of what is commonly known as “genre TV.” They demonstrated that the supernatural, or space opera, or fantasy are no impediment to creating storytelling as sophisticated and smart as any ostensibly highbrow entertainment like Mad Men or Rectify. And then there are shows like Midnight, Texas, which seem hell-bent on reestablishing genre TV as the realm of juvenile silliness, an assemblage of simplistic storytelling and wafer-thin characters that have more in common with the lowbrow aims of a Disney Channel sitcom than even the efficient narratives of a Law & Order episode. No amount of sex and violence can disguise the fact that this is reductive dramatics, aimed at the bottom of the audience’s intelligence, and the show lacks the self-awareness to realize …

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