TV Review: Even if you haven’t seen the movie, Limitless feels overly familiar

The problem with CBS’ latest procedural venture, Limitless, is that its setup feels like familiar territory, even if you haven’t seen the movie. The life of classic ne’er-do-well Brian Finch (Jake McDorman) gets a boost when an old friend floats him a tablet of NZT, which enables him to access all of his brain, not the mere 10 percent or so the rest of us humans use. The result is like an ungodly mix of Sherlock and The Mentalist, with some star quality provided by the lead of the 2011 movie, Bradley Cooper, for good measure.

To the show’s credit, it shows some inspired camera-work and editing even before the drug kicks in; the first two episodes are helmed by Marc Webb, who directed (500) Days Of Summer and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Craig Sweeny, no stranger to the quirky procedural due to his work on Elementary …

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