TV Review: Empire is a classic story with a contemporary beat

There’s something soapy and delicious about Empire, the newest collaboration between The Butler duo Lee Daniels and Danny Strong. But it’s a double-edged sword: Empire will either continue to be fun and splashy, while staying grounded and engaging, or it will flame out as so many primetime sudsers have before it, becoming too ridiculous for its own good. Most of Daniels’ catalog works much in the same way: His directorial debut film, Shadowboxer, about a hit man and his partner/stepmother/lover, is unwatchably bad because it goes so far over the top that it’s not fun anymore. Precious teetered on the edge as soon as it escaped into the title character’s dream world, but the film also pushed through those candy-colored fantasies for a view of a life not normally seen on film. And while the hip-hop mogul character is certainly visible within popular culture …

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