TV Review: Dueling Einsteins keep Genius afloat

Though his hairdo and rascally nature have inspired many a fictional scientist, Albert Einstein’s life has gotten surprisingly little play on the big and small screens. Where he has appeared, the German physicist has had to share cinematic space with the likes of Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington, Tim Robbins, and Yahoo Serious. But the lack of a proper Einstein biopic probably has more to do with the wide breadth of his accomplishments and adventures than a lack of interest in them. At least, that seems to be Ron Howard’s thinking on the matter. The director recently helmed the premiere of NatGeo’s Genius, a 10-part event series (or season, depending on which Emmy voter you ask) about the man whose name is practically synonymous with “genius.” And even he admits he wasn’t fully aware of the “many twists and turns” in or of “how much drama” made …

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