TV Review: Dream Corp LLC will keep you up at night with its absurd humor

Adult Swim’s programming already features several shows that could make viewers wonder if they’ve dozed off and started conjuring images of talking dogs, mad scientists, and clowns who work in hospitals. So the addition of Dream Corp LLC, an ostensible workplace comedy that centers on a rundown “dream therapy facility,” feels like a natural fit. At just 11 minutes long, Daniel Stessen’s live-action/animation hybrid is packed with absurd humor and features a tight ensemble whose antics are immensely watchable, even if they are usually office-bound. The new series won’t quite haunt your dreams, but it will grab your full attention during Adult Swim’s graveyard shift.

The team is led by Dr. Roberts (Jon Gries), the frizzy-haired head of the psychotherapeutic facility that doesn’t appear sterile enough to be a beauty salon, let alone a place for outpatient procedures. But the Dream Corp LLC …

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