TV Review: Don’t take the title of Sinatra: All Or Nothing At All with a grain of salt

There are two important and illustrative quotes in the opening half of HBO’s documentary miniseries Sinatra: All Or Nothing At All. The first is a statement of purpose, an explanation for the deep, documentary dive that director Alex Gibney (fresh off the scathing Scientology exposé Going Clear) takes into the life and work of Francis Albert Sinatra: “We don’t know what he thought about his own life, because he never wrote it down in a book.” All Or Nothing At All is here in place of that autobiography, posthumously piecing together the story of a pop-culture legend through newspaper clippings and still photography, moving pictures and interview audio.

The other quote addresses the myth of Sinatra, the outsized public persona that similarly accounts for the weight of All Or Nothing At All. Addressing the rumor that Sinatra booked his comeback role in From Here To Eternity through mob …

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