TV Review: Doctor Who gets its own Hellmouth in the teen-centric spin-off Class

Doctor Who is no stranger to spin-offs. First there was Torchwood, the adult-oriented sci-fi series that launched in 2006. And next came The Sarah Jane Adventures, a more lighthearted genre series geared toward kids. With Doctor Who as the all-ages flagship, that left just one segment of the market untapped: teens. And the new school-set series Class is finally here to pick up the slack. Set at Coal Hill Academy, a staple Doctor Who locale that featured heavily in the revival’s eighth season, Class follows a group of sixth-form (i.e., senior) students charged with protecting their school from galactic threats when the Doctor isn’t around to save the day. And though it doesn’t break the mold when it comes to teen genre series, Class is nevertheless a worthy companion to the Who universe. And there’s nothing Doctor Who loves more than a good companion.

There …

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