TV Review: David Simon’s Show Me A Hero turns public housing into essential TV

David Simon may be television’s most self-effacing brand-name storyteller, but he’s not immune to the joys of reverse prestige, reveling in his shows’ small, exclusive audiences. In interviews pegged to his HBO miniseries, Show Me A Hero, Simon has become fond of talking about how no one will watch the show, which depicts the harrowing true story of a brass-knuckled fight over public housing in Yonkers, New York. Simon’s work has never been widely consumed (not even The Wire), a natural consequence of his devotion to telling stories about municipal conundrums, systemic breakdowns, and the residents living alongside roads paved with good intentions. But he might be disappointed by the warm response to Hero, which could become his most popular series so far. It’s not only his most concise and accessible work yet, it’s also the most timely—a neat trick for a period piece …

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