TV Review: Blandness is Iron Fist’s greatest enemy

A disheveled young man walks into the lobby of a skyscraper and makes small talk with the receptionist. He’s Danny Rand (Finn Jones), heir to the Rand fortune and co-owner of the building they’re all standing in. We know this because that’s who he says he is, but all he gets for his trouble are weird looks and calls to security from his childhood friends Ward (Tom Pelphrey) and Joy Meachum (Jessica Stroup). When his words fail to convince, he literally tries to knock sense into people. Neither of those strategies is effective in establishing his identity, possibly because he left out the most interesting part: that he’s the Iron Fist, the latest in a long line of ultimate mystical warriors. On second thought, maybe introducing yourself as the Living Weapon would have done more harm than good. But it certainly would have made for a …

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