TV Review: Animals’ odd comedy includes gender-questioning pigeons and partying rats

Animals’ initial two episodes first screened publicly at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, which is known for independent cinema, and now, independent TV. The show completely bypassed the development process, and came to Sundance with the first season largely already made. Mark Duplass, no stranger to Sundance as a filmmaker, and his Duplass Brothers TV production company were already attached, and had just premiered Togetherness on HBO. Animals struck a chord with the cable network, which not only picked up the first season, but ordered a second one as well. Animals is HBO’s first foray into animation since it cancelled The Life And Times Of Tim. The animation medium is perhaps one of the reasons Animals feels entirely different from anything else on HBO, but it’s not the only reason. Animals is an odd duck (pun intended), a show that will surely be polarizing. It would fit right …

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