TV Review: Anchorman star throws a curveball in Ferrell Takes The Field

On March 12, 2015, Will Ferrell went where only four other men had gone before: Every position in Major League Baseball, in a single day. Of course, Bert Campaneris, César Tovar, Scott Sheldon, and Shane Halter pulled this off over the course of one game—Ferrell dropped into five separate exhibition matches, suiting up for 10 of the 15 MLB squads that conduct their spring training in the Arizona-based Cactus League. Ferrell’s effort was a promotional stunt with a number of motivating factors: The 50th anniversary celebration for Campaneris’ landmark game, a fundraiser for the charity Cancer For College, and the Funny Or Die-HBO co-production Ferrell Takes The Field. With enough advance warning, fans turned out on March 12 to cheer for their teams and the Saturday Night Live alumnus; among the seas of officially licensed team merchandise, Ferrell Takes The Field catches a spectator dressed like Buddy The …

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