TV Review: Amazon’s tired, tepid Hand Of God will test your faith in television

Since FX president John Landgraf introduced the concept of “peak TV”—the idea that original scripted television is a bubble poised to burst—it has dominated the conversation around television, and for good reason. Due to the glut of excellent content being frantically churned out by broadcasters large and small, television has gone from being a flurry of riveting storytelling to an avalanche that only serves to trigger a fear of missing out. Landgraf’s sentiments are accurate, but only when narrowly applied to the type of shows favored by FX and so many other outlets. There’s not too much original television, but there are too many “dark and gritty” dramas, a crisis to which Amazon has just contributed with its latest series, Hand Of God.

Hand Of God is exactly the kind of show that, through its sheer redundancy, fuels peak TV anxiety. As a peculiar take on …

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