TV Review: Adventure Time: Elements has a simple story, but strong character moments

Upon returning to Ooo after the exceptional Adventure Time: Islands miniseries, Finn (Jeremy Shada) and Jake (John DiMaggio) find themselves in the middle of yet another long story that needs its own separate miniseries for the telling. Unlike the last one, Adventure Time: Elements doesn’t offer answers to questions that have been lingering since the start of the series or speak significantly to current social and political issues. It’s a much simpler plot about a ragtag group working together to stop overwhelming opposition, and while it’s certainly entertaining, Elements isn’t as sharp or thoughtful as Islands.

Ooo has become a total mess since the heroes left to discover the truth behind what happened to the humans. The four elementals (Princess Bubblegum, Slime Princess, Flame Princess, and Patience St. Pim) have taken over after having their powers amplified by magic, and the world is split evenly into …

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