TV Review: ABC’s Blood And Oil is the perfect nighttime soap… for 2005

Judging ABC’s new nighttime soap Blood And Oil based on its pilot alone is an exercise with limited value, at least for anyone who’s been paying attention to the Hollywood trades. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Blood And Oil is part of an unusual fall TV trend—pre-premiere creative shakeups behind the scenes of network shows. Blood was created by Josh Pate, then turned over to showrunner Cynthia Cidre, but Cidre was replaced with Jon Harmon Feldman, formerly of Dirty Sexy Money, because ABC is “looking for more OMG moments à la Scandal.” Most shows would be ruined by a network’s push for immediate gratification over long-term story integrity, but the plan could work in favor of Blood, which doesn’t currently deliver on the title’s promise.

That isn’t to say the Blood And Oil pilot is bad, it just feels incredibly dated. The old-world …

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