TV Review: ABC’s abduction drama The Family plays a risky game with a solid team

For a network show with a patina of cable prestige, ABC’s new drama The Family is surprisingly quick to crank its burners up to 11 and get the pots boiling. The Family is primarily billed as a political thriller, and boasts a cast of ringers, including three-time Academy Award-nominee Joan Allen, Andrew McCarthy, Friday Night Lights‘ Zach Gilford, and Alison Pill, most recently seen staffing The Newsroom. But political intrigue isn’t the first thing The Family delves into, nor are its most well-known actors the first-seen. The opening shots are of Adam Warren (Liam James), who stumbles disheveled and disoriented into a gas station and asks for a ride into town. He makes it to a police station where he identifies himself as the same Adam Warren who went missing 10 years prior and was presumed dead, while his neighbor Hank (McCarthy) was jailed for his murder.

Only …

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