TV Review: A money-laundering Jason Bateman can’t wash the stink off Ozark

Netflix’s algorithms have noted how much time you’ve spent with the Whites of Albuquerque and the Escobar cartel. They may also be observing your fruitless searches for the Crowder gang within the service’s streaming library, because Ozark—despite being created by The Accountant duo of Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams—plays like a computer program’s idealized hybrid of Breaking Bad, Narcos, and Justified. There’s a seemingly milquetoast guy and his wife doing the legwork for an intimidating drug boss, all of which is complicated by their dealings with artful backwoods criminals and the FBI agents attempting to get to the drug boss. The show is also unrelentingly dour, which you could chalk up to the humorlessness of 1s and 0s, or more accurately pin to showrunner Chris Mundy, who, when he was in charge of AMC’s Low Winter Sun, took a dirty-cop drama set …

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