TV Club: Z Nation’s table setting presents two heaping helpings of brains

I’m 99 percent convinced that, if Z Nation had anywhere near the budget such a move would require, this entire episode would have been set to Johnny Cash’s “The Man Comes Around.” The series is finally setting this season’s Big Bad loose in Murphytown, and the results are eye opening. (Or head opening, if you’re unlucky enough to be standing next to The Man when Murphy requests brains.) The arrival of The Man was overdue, but now that he’s in play, the stakes have already been elevated from where they were just a week prior. And it’s especially impressive when you consider how much of ”Welcome To Murphytown” is given over to setting the table for future installments. It’s enough to make you hungry for a nice plate of cooked crickets.

The Man is a creepy nemesis, and watching him take on the …

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