TV Club: Z Nation visits a mental asylum and ends up scatterbrained

Part of the fun of Z Nation is the show’s willingness to embrace whatever oddball conceit the writers invent from week to week, and tease out the various possibilities of that episode’s setting, situation, or unusual premise. Area 51? No problem. Greenhouse plant zombies? No problem. (Giant rolling wheel of cheese? Slight problem.) At its best, the show fuses the outlandish idea to the universe of the series, making the ridiculous feasible and the unlikely understandable, at the very least. Providing sensible explanations for the comically strange is ingrained in the DNA of the series; some outlandish exposition, followed by raised eyebrows and a shrug of bemused acceptance from Warren, is practically de rigueur for the average installment.

And then, there’s whatever the hell was going on in “Doc Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest,” arguably one of the most unjustified side adventures ever cooked up by …

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