TV Club: Z Nation takes its season-long story to a braaaaaaainy showdown

The apocalypse does strange things to people. That sentence could be the tagline of Z Nation, a show predicated upon the myriad ways the human race went a little bonkers following the end of the world. From survivalists to enders to every kind of cultist imaginable, the series has demonstrated time and again a somewhat pessimistic view of humanity, one that sees the fragile netting of the social contract as all that stands between civil society and a Mad Max-esque lawless carnival wasteland. And if there’s a main thesis hiding among the sham elections and the followers of alien-worshiping prophets, it’s that we’re all looking for someone to follow, to believe in, during times of trouble. We want someone to convince us they’ve got a plan, and everything’s going to be alright. People’s entire personalities will shift, based upon whoever is promising them …

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