TV Club: You’re The Worst says goodbye to Sunday Funday on a crazy scavenger hunt

“The Last Sunday Funday” does many things very well, but what it captures best is the bittersweet realization that one is too old for some traditions. After a certain age, the regular events we hold dear no longer carry the same power and joy that it once had, and continuing to perpetuate it only serves to hold one back from discovering new traditions. The gang realizes Sunday Funday, their weekly all-day drinking/adventure session, has been corporatized and robbed of its cool, but the key insight comes at the end when Gretchen sadly acknowledges to Edgar that it’s the last Sunday Funday they’ll ever go on. It’s not because it’s lame, although that’s a bit of it, it’s because they’re getting too old for it.

While the episode follows Jimmy, Gretchen, Edgar, and Lindsay on a scavenger hunt to find a secret speakeasy …

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