TV Club: Younger: ”Un-Jaded”

While the full potential of Jade’s character may not have been realized on Younger, her arc sure concludes in a satisfying fashion. Her obsession with posting the minutia of her life on social media backfires, allowing Liza to craft the missing introductory chapter herself. Jade’s Achilles heel had been exposed the whole time, so the arc coheres in the end. Better yet, Jade’s undoing is sly commentary on the way in which the abuse of social media can come back to haunt people, without battering the audience over the head with this point. Any storyline that involves Liza and Kelsey earning a big win by working together is a winner, in fact. Kelsey herself comes up with the second part of this strategy to get rid of Jade—she convinces Brad Westlake to bid highly for the account, earning a significant gain for her imprint. Westlake is …

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