TV Club: Younger: “Sk8”

“Sk8” is a step up for Younger because this week’s conventional love triangle plots are handled effectively while the required edgy material actually feels unconventional for once. A love triangle is heating up between Liza, Josh, and Charles because this is sitcom world and the sitcom gods demand a sacrifice on the altar of narrative shortcuts. As a twentysomething doomed to grunt work, Liza is ordered to babysit Charles’ kids while the rest of the cast gets to hobnob at a lavish publishing awards ceremony—well, everyone except Maggie, but that goes without saying at this point. Semester after semester of Relationship Geometry may be getting old for advanced students of television, but at least this show is capable of building believable connections and chemistry between its characters in its quest to maximize its shipping quotient. When Charles expresses his frustration about the mess his life has become due …

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