TV Club: Younger: “Shedonism”

Jane Krakowski running into a glass door—not once, but twice—in order to chase down her coke dealer is a scene that takes Younger to a new level comedy-wise. That sounds crazy, but bear with me. In its premiere season, Younger is enlisting some well-seasoned female comedy veterans like Krakowski as guest stars, and that decision helps legitimize Younger as a show that takes comedy seriously. Krakowski—and others who I won’t mention because I don’t want to ruin the surprise—aren’t big names who will attract hordes of new, younger viewers, but they are performers well-respected in the comedy community. Asking these particular actors to appear in episodes demonstrates good taste in comedy that isn’t necessarily expected from TV Land and Darren Star, though I’d argue that the show’s funniest lines should speak for themselves. This scene also shows that the writers …

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