TV Club: Younger: “Pilot”/“Liza Sows Her Oates”

Younger is a show about reinvention, which is appropriate given that its home network, TV Land, is currently experiencing a reinvention of its own. In 2010, TV Land expanded beyond classic programming into original programming in order to chase more lucrative ratings. Its first venture, Hot in Cleveland, was a huge hit, but subsequent series have been less successful. TV Land’s target demographic consists of forty-year-olds, and its network executives have concluded that today, that age group has more in common with Generation X than with the Baby Boomers. Appealing to Boomers meant centering shows around stars famous for their work during the ‘70s and ‘80s, but appealing to Generation X means exploring edgier territory. Concurrently, TV Land network execs have been inspired by recent buzzy network fare to not only take risks with comedy, but to inject more drama into their comedies.

A quick glance at the internet …

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