TV Club: Younger: “I’m With Stupid”

This week, the ancillary characters’ storylines are put aside in favor of examining Liza’s relationship with Josh more closely. Josh’s innocent remark about not being a big reader sets off an alarm in Liza’s brain, and her insecurity about there being disparity in their relative maturity due to the gap in their ages spirals into concern about intellectual maturity as well. Some differences can be overcome—a relationship can survive without two willing adult dodgeball participants, or even one—but intellectual compatibility is a major part of a relationship, especially for someone like Liza, for whom reading is such a passion. But Liza experiences a rude awakening when her obvious attempts to probe into Josh’s scholastic background—or lack thereof—backfire completely. In an exquisitely written and performed scene, Josh quickly figures out Liza’s agenda and calls her out on it. The confrontation is painful …

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