TV Club: Younger: “Girl Code”

Based on the good ideas in “Girl Code,” it’s easy to be optimistic about Younger‘s potential to crank out interesting material. Unfortunately, the execution of said ideas is lacking, and this is a problem because execution is everything. Good execution can make almost any idea work, and bad execution can plague a project from start to finish, dragging down any potential with little inconsistencies that pile up over time. Thankfully, Younger has been renewed for a second season; they’ll need to overcome some of these execution problems if they want to be taken seriously and capable of earning a third.

The best idea in “Girl Code” involves the episode’s climax, when Kelsey and Lauren surprise Maggie, an artist, with some much-needed gallery space. Maggie’s relationship with a gallery owner has imploded so this favor means everything to her. This development is smart for a number …

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