TV Club: Younger: ”Exes”

Let’s start at the end and work our way up from the small issues to the more concerning ones. “The Exes” closes with a seemingly romantic sequence, a man and woman kissing on a front stoop in a scene that could’ve been stolen from an impressively detailed Hey Arnold fan-fiction. Romantic in the sense that Liza just found out that their recent bed-breaking, Broad City-worthy escapades haven’t stopped Josh from sleeping with his ex. (I’ve watched two seasons of Abbi and Ilana’s adventures, and I’m still not used to seeing a man go down on a woman on a network that doesn’t require a subscription). With his fooling around, is Josh making a fool of Liza, or would it be foolish to see this as anything other than an honest depiction of a complex, but modern arrangement between two single, consenting adults …

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