TV Club: Younger: “Broke and Pantyless”

“Broke and Pantyless” is about what happens when two major, complicated facets of the human condition—money and sex—intersect, an inevitable occurrence considering the prominence that both play in people’s lives. Society requires both, but these subjects carry the kind of stigma that prevents them from coming up in casual cocktail conversation amongst strangers. Liza finds herself broke and pantyless when her daughter begs for tuition money, and since David isn’t good for it, this mother has to resort to desperate measures to provide for her child. Kelsey’s friend, Lauren, suggests that Liza should sell her panties online in order to make some fast cash, and the twentysomethings are so cool that this tactic doesn’t seem to phase them. The judgment is just lying dormant, however, since Kelsey throws this decision in Liza’s face; Kelsey gets defensive when confronted about her workplace-inappropriate relationship with …

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