TV Club: You, Me And The Apocalypse is full of plans and not much else

Toward the end of “What Happens To Idiots,” Max (Edward Judge), Ariel’s companion in chaos, learns of Operation Savior’s bunker, and also learns that their teenaged hostage is the nephew of Operation Savior’s architect. “What if this is more than chance?” Max asks, his atheism shaken. “What if there’s, like, a higher power at work here?”

Because Ariel blows his brains out seconds later, Max dies with those questions still blossoming in his head: Is there a God? Does some higher power watch over him? Is he part of a divine plan?

“What Happens To Idiots” doesn’t answer the question of whether an all-seeing God is making plans for this fictional universe, but it demonstrates other forces, large and small, that keep watch and lay plans. Ariel strong-arms Spike into hacking FaceChaser not to wreak havoc, but to find Layla among the billions of faces …

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