TV Club: You, Me And The Apocalypse finds the key and revs its engine

Agonizing over an uncharacteristic act of violence, Scotty MacNeil ends this episode lamenting, “I don’t know who we are any more.” Gen. Arnold Gaines’ answer—“We’re the idiots trying to save the human race”—sounds certain, but in “Right In The Nuts,” crisis shows people who they really are and what they’ll really do.

Paterson Joseph has a gift for portraying buttoned-up, buttoned-down bureaucrats with a flicker of lunacy dancing in their eyes. Here, his intensity is tempered by tenderness as he reminds his life partner, colleague, and co-conspirator to stay focused and let him handle the dangerous distractions. When White Horse delivers his digital ransom note, Gaines promises he’ll handle it. “Strategy, staying cool, scaring the crap out of people? That’s what I do best.”

It’s telling that Ariel constructs this rendezvous with the precision of a theatrical production—the stagey museum setting …

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