TV Club: You can run, but you can’t hide on The Girlfriend Experience

One of the more admirable aspects of The Girlfriend Experience and the way it’s telling the story of Christine Reade is the show’s ability to switch gears, not only from one episode to the next, but from one scene to the next. In its first season, The Girlfriend Experience has been a lot of things; an erotic, chilly noir, an exploration of office culture and corruption, a mysterious character study, and a panic-inducing psychological thriller. The show has embraced the tone and style of each of those types of stories, and the way in which its balanced them across 10 episodes is rather remarkable.

“Available” once again sees the show shifting gears, but the seeming downturn into something more controlled and comfortable than last week’s brutal “Blindsided” is really an illusion. See, as the episode opens Christine is coming down from the panic attack (real or not …

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