TV Club: Yes, Jamie Lee Curtis is the Rasputin/Michael Myers/Teen Wolf of Scream Queens

Every Ryan Murphy production has a moment (or moments) where it feels like he (and, by extension, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan) is simply playing a trick on his audience. It’s not even necessarily a malicious thing, but it’s the type of situation where you usually have to take a step back and ask yourself if this is actually happening. Glee had it. Nip/Tuck had it. (And both shows had more than just the one moments) American Horror Story constantly has it from the moment a season begins. And now, “Black Friday” is Scream Queens‘ go-to example for that. Though, as I said, it’s not particularly for malicious reasons: It’s just that it’s an episode of Scream Queens where the punchline is also one of the show’s biggest problems. I’m of course talking about the show’s unwillingness to be a slasher …

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