TV Club: WWE SmackDown’s farewell to 2016 is certainly worth the hype

SmackDown Live may not have been a “thing” at the beginning of 2016, but post-brand split, it really couldn’t hurt for the show to make a statement to end the year. The beauty of there being no mind-numbing Slammy Awards this year is that it gives WWE the opportunity to actually fill its typical end of the year slots with substance to end the year. SmackDown took this opportunity to heart with last week’s non-gimmicky Christmas episode; and it does the same with its final episode of 2016, the much mentioned (in the past seven days) but never truly explained “Wild Card Finals.” There really aren’t a lot of bells and whistles this way, but this SmackDown was sold as something special beforehand and it ends up being presented as something special, a simple concept that WWE usually can’t execute. As far as the last WWE …

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