TV Club: WWE NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn

On August 22, 2015, in Brooklyn, New York at the Barclays Center, NXT arrived. Selling out a crowd of 13,000 for a show that’s “just developmental” is a huge deal. Proving that wrestling fans will buy into character development, pay-offs that take longer than just the four, three, two weeks until the next pay-per-view is a huge deal. Really, it’s a big fucking deal. When WWE uses the word “revolution,” it’s often hollow, like a lot words WWE overuses; but when Triple H says at the top of NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn that this is a revolution, it’s honest. It’s true. It’s pure. It’s the type of thing that makes a person write about the truth and purity of professional wrestling, a sport (entertainment) originally created as a carnival grift. When NXT has to show up, NXT shows up—you can’t …

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