TV Club: WWE NXT: “July 29, 2015”

The most memorable episodes of NXT have a mythic quality about them. They’re episodes that blow off huge feuds or introduce us to new talents. They pay off months and months of storytelling, and the result is something emotional and transcendent. Those episodes are great, of course, but more often than not, NXT thrives by just being a show that focuses on wrestling, plain and simple. Sure, there’s the sports entertainment aspect that’s necessary in getting these developmental talents ready for the main roster, but a lot of the appeal of NXT is the fact that we can watch the mechanics of the matches coming together for a variety of superstars. In other words, sometimes all the show has to do in order to captivate is string a bunch of solid matches together.

That’s tonight’s episode of NXT. There’s nothing crazy or unpredictable, no …

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