TV Club: WWE NXT: July 22, 2015

WWE NXT is on the road of TakeOver: Brooklyn, as as we all know, NXT is in a holding pattern when there’s a TakeOver on the horizon. Yes, title matches are announced for the weeks to come, but come on, it’s not like they’re going to change hands on a pre-recorded, non-TakeOver show, right? Then again, the current tag team champions won on one of those holding pattern episodes on the way to a TakeOver. Then again (once more), the current tag team champions were two of the blandest members of the roster at the time, and now they’re just the two weirdest. So it’s an anomaly. Every thing’s building up to TakeOver, and if there’s just one thing NXT has over the main roster, it’s the fact that NXT certainly knows how to build up to a big event.

It’s …

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