TV Club: WWE NXT: July 15, 2015

You could probably call most of this week’s episode of NXT “Jobber City” (with the appropriate claps), but strangely, that’s not meant to be a pejorative. The opening match is Jason Jordan and Chad Gable’s debut as a tag team, and honestly, if I (or the average viewer, really) didn’t think Jordan was mostly boring before, I certainly would after seeing Chad Gable completely overshadow him in the ring, after already overshadowing him outside of it. Yes, Chad Gable thankfully has a great showing in his NXT debut, with his quick pace and reliance on chain wrestling (though there is definitely room for improvement) instantly endearing him to the audience. “Jason Jordan was there too,” he (and the average viewer) could say, and honestly, it sounds like something he one day will say. I realize I might be reacting too harshly to Jason Jordan, but it …

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